I have had the Covid.

A week ago, I was on a cruise ship, over 1500 passengers and another thousand crew members.  Literally, we were from all over the world.  We spent more than a week together. 

Take a guess!

First, I want to apologize to all those who I’ve been around for the past few days.  I thought it was just a summer cold. I’m sure the people on the airplane want to shoot me by now.  And those folks in the elevator.  May God help them.

I didn’t know.

You see, the day after the cruise, I was caught outside in a quick summer shower.  I got soaking wet.  Then, the room we rented was freezing cold.  There was no blanket, just the bedspread and a sheet.  I was both wet and cold.  Even the shower only had luke warm water.  There was a sign warning me.

By morning,  I was chilled.  I woke up with a sore throat.  My nose was runny.  I was shivering.  I felt miserable.  I wanted to go home.

We got home at three in the morning.  I didn’t even unpack the car. I went to my bed and closed my eyes.  The next morning, I still felt like, well, you know! 

My son told me to take the Covid test.  Fifteen minutes later, I passed that joker with flying colors.  I went to my doctor.  She wouldn’t see me. Made me stay outside in my truck.  She sent the nurse to give me another Covid test.  I passed it with more flying colors,  a deep cough and some serious nasal drainage..

My doctor  gave me five days of medicine.   Seven pills a day.  The pharmacist explained how I shouldn’t miss a dose.

The pharmacist said “Things may taste funny.  It’s the medicine.”

Don’t worry, I took them like clock work.  They had my attention.  I had a mouth full of rusty iron ore, 24 hours a day.  

“Drink lots of fluids” she said.  Not a problem.  I’m still trying to wash that taste out of my mouth.

Yes, I have had all my shots.  The vaccine plus two boosters.  I felt fairly safe.  Not 100% safe, but it’s been two years, so fairly safe.

Now, here’s where it gets serious.  My son came around.  He’s had Covid also.

 “Dad, you know if you hadn’t taken all those shots you’d be dead right now.”  He’s right.  I lost more than a handful of friends before we had the vaccine.  Good people.  Several who were younger than me.  They all had a life to live, cut short by something that feels like the flu.

Here I am today.  Still trying to write.  Still able to watch the grand daughters play soccer. 

And more thankful than you can imagine for the vaccine.  I’m grateful there’s medicine I can take even if it makes everything taste like rusty tin cans.

One more thing.  Last night we bought some fast food to bring home after the soccer game. 

It was fried chicken.  I couldn’t smell it.  I couldn’t taste it.  This morning’s coffee, no taste at all.  It’s like drinking hot water out of a rusty can.

And, tasting a rusty can is a good thing.

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