It started in a slide-rule class in college in 1969.  She was the blond, sitting on the back row.  I was the idiot, not yet knowing what college was about.

I bet myself she always made good grades. I sat down beside her, thinking  she could help me when push comes to shove during exam week.

A lot of talking.  Then a date, then another and another.  A little help during exam week. She was likeable.

We started solving problems together.  I really liked her.  She graduated.  I didn’t.  But, her likeability kept growing into something stronger.  Love.

We spent a lot of time together.  Our love grew.

We had a lot in common.  Our love kept getting stronger.

Married.  August 15,1970.  A whole lot of love.  Still had some college to finish.  We worked together.  We leaned against each other.  We supported one another, we were stronger than  ever.

We look back and laugh, still wondering what in the world were we thinking.

It worked.  It’s still working.

The light came on for me.  I’m such a lucky fellow, blessed with a partner in life.

We struggled.  We laughed.  We shared.  We grew up.  Our love grew into a stronger love for one another.

First real jobs.  First real responsibilities.  We stepped up to the plate and held on for the ride of our lifetime.

Then kids.  “Oh my goodness,” I said.   “It will be alright,” she said.  Times three!

The years started moving faster and faster.  Soccer Mom for her, coach for me.  Themed birthday parties. More hours at work.  A lot of hard times.  Fortunately, a lot more good times.

Kids turning into teenagers.  We were not prepared.  We held onto each other even more tightly.

Our kids couldn’t do that!  No!  They wouldn’t do that!  Yes they would!  And yes, they did!

We watched our parents get old.  They started slowing down.  Someone was handing us a baton to carry.  We didn’t want it.  It was heavy.  It  belonged to our fathers and mothers, the grandparents of our children.

High School.  A blur.  Freezing cold soccer games,  burning hot baseball games.  Trips to the principal’s office.  Too much, too fast.

College.  Faster than a bolt of lightning.  The kids are changing.  Becoming young men.  All three are taller than we are.

We wanted them to stay the same.  We miss our little boys.  Where did they go?  We want them back. We miss little league baseball.  Santa Claus was real.  Let the Easter rabbit bring more candy.

Today, we have empty bedrooms on the other end of the house.

Then some hard losses.  First, her Dad. Then her Mom.  Then my  Dad and my Mom.  Hard then, still hard today.  Miss them all.

Grandkids.  Thank you Lord!

Life starts to slow down again.  Suddenly, we’re  Cookie and Grandpa.  They look up and say “I love you!  Can I spend the night with you?”

What started in a slide rule class continues.  Too many memories to remember them all.  Too much love, if there can ever be too much love.

Happy Anniversary Sue.   You and I are the Class of 1970 and it’s a reunion every day.

We have been blessed.  I love you Sue.  Happy Anniversary.  Mike


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