Yesterday was Mother’s Day

May 14, 2017

She’s not my Mother.  I lost my Mother in 2016.  I found Sue in 1969.  I claimed her for my own in 1970.  We knew the road was going to be difficult.  We had no idea.

We’ve climbed hills to stand on mountain tops, shouting loud to hear our echoes.  And  we have walked through deep valleys, slipping on our own tears, just trying to survive.  The years pass by so fast.

She became a mother in 1976.  I only thought I knew her before then.  I only thought I loved her before October 1976.  I didn’t know who she really was until she held our first born.  Then asked me to hold him.

She knew.  And I started to learn about what being a Mom is about.

In June of ’79, she showed me what love is about again.   And, in October of ’83 she said here is another child to love.  After each birth, she gave me a son to hold.  I was grateful.  With each new born, I learned what love means, how and why we love.  I watched a Mother grow.

She gave of herself, she wanted children to love, to hold, to nurture and teach.   She is still the very best.

Every time, I saw more of a Mother than I ever imagined.  She knew what to do.  She knew what to say and sometimes told me what not to say.  She was strong,  stronger than anyone I have ever known.

Most guys really don’t understand Motherhood.  I sure don’t.  I’m almost afraid to say anything here.  It’s complex.  We men can help make a baby, that’s a fact.  But, we can’t deliver a baby.  We can’t hold a child that knows the first thing he or she ever heard was Mom’s heartbeat.  We can’t hold a child that was protected by her mother, even before she was born.  We can’t know.

We do not have the heart strings of a Mom.

We do not have the patience of a Mom.

We just don’t know the connection a Mom has with her children.

Don’t get me wrong, Fathers love their children.  Fathers bond with their children.  Fathers will fight a circle saw to protect his child.  Fathers find places in their hearts that connect with their children of which there is no equal.  I had no idea, none  whatsoever, that I would love my wife and my three children with such a passion.  But we Fathers don’t have that special love a Mom has with her child.  I didn’t say ‘for’, I said ‘with’.  There is a difference.

My wife, Sue, is a Mom.  I think she’s the best Mom, even though she’s not my Mom.  I miss my Mom, but I have Sue with me today.  And, I witnessed the incredible change from being a wife to being both a wife and a Mom.  I am blessed.  I am grateful.

Happy Mother’s Day, yesterday, today and tomorrow.


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